About Us

Bozeman Center for the Healing Arts was founded in 1997 by Paola Feher. The Center specializes in injury rehabilitation and in relief of long-term and unresolved cases of pain and discomfort. Corrective massage is the primary tool used to address patients' concerns while movement therapy, biomechanic evaluation, nutritional and lifestyle counseling may be used as adjunct treatments to optimize patient well-being. Using these non-invasive techniques, the Center has had great success in relieving pain quickly and permanently, enabling patients' return to everyday activities.

The Center is accredited by the Yoga Alliance to train and certify teachers. Currently, 9 certified teachers have graduated from and teach at the Center. All teachers are trained with a strong background in anatomy and in theĀ mechanics of movement. The style of yoga taught at the Center is greatly influenced by the teachings of TKV Desikachar. This tradition emphasizes the fundamental importance of breath in the overall health of the individual and also, the necessity of adapting the teaching to the individual needs of the students, taking into consideration any illnesses or injuries.